Mar 1 2020

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Real estate shop


Real estate shop

Vacant is best known for pioneering pop-up retail. called Vacant a ‘moveable feast‘ back in 2003, planeshop, our rotating retail concept for Airports made the ‘Top 10 business ideas‘ in Springwise in 2010. We have received press on MTV, Financial Times, Vogue, Entrepeneur, Trendwatching, CNN Money, Chicago Tribune, Easyjet, Fox 5, Brutus, Figaro, NY Times, WWD, Travel & Leisure, I.D Magazine and Elle, etc.

We provide turnkey solutions for brands that require pop-up activations and brand marketing, as well as interactive technology, projection mapping, staffing, build and acquirement of globally targeted heavy footfall prime real estate. Through our partners we provide real estate and legal assistance, permits, viral marketing, social media campaigns and guerrilla marketing which builds awareness to a product or brand.

Short term real estate

Property owners and brokers did not waste any time closing the door on our first stores, eager to only entertain a long term tenants offer. Short term rentals were not an option. Beyond the scope of brokers and real estate agents we have the added knowledge of commercial property with liens against them, and non-paying tenants, ensuring we are able to identify the best option to meet your budget.

We have developed a straight forward pricing structure for companies and brands looking for real estate only for pop-up, and have expanded our team accordingly. You can waste a lot of time on websites reviewing spaces from middlemen and pay more, or you can pay us a scouting fee, with the option to work with us every step of your marketing project if desired.

What is a pop-up shop

A pop-up shop is a short term or temporary store used by companies to build brand awareness, launch a new product, test a consumer market or targeted retail location, including experiential marketing.

Nowadays, the term pop-up has become a buzz word for just about anything temporary. There is a ‘science to a successful pop-up shop‘. Major brands understand the potential with pop-up activation for experiential marketing, however emerging brands have to tread carefully, as there are a lot of companies in the marketplace now attempting to lease space for short term, and most of these spaces are unsuitable for a retail activation.

Pop-up shops are increasing in popularity during major events and holidays for companies to secure locations for heavy foot traffic and seasonal retail. For example, we place companies in real estate locations for the following global events; Shanghai fashion week, Brazil World Cup, London Fashion Week, Black Friday and Thanksgiving holidays in NY, LA and Chicago and NY Fashion week, SxSW and ComicCon.

Back in the day

Some of our earliest customers and guests include Robin Williams (Actor), Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick (Actors) Alec Wek (Model), DJ Shadow (Musician), Fred Durst, Stash (Graffiti Artist and Designer), Futura (Graffiti Artist and Designer), Kostas (Artist), ESPO (Artist). More recently, Stefanie Scott from Disney’s Ant Farm and David Bowie.


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