Apr 19 2020

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Sell property


Sell property

Lucas Properties LLC is a small private investor that operates in a completely different way than the traditional real estate companies. We buy apartment properties, commercial properties, houses and vacant land every day for cash. We take the strain and stress off the sellers and do all the work for you, making every transaction a hassle free.

We have been in the private real estate investment business long enough to know what we need to do to close the deal fast and get you the cash you want for your property and unload your worries. No matter if you are selling as a distressed owner or just have property that you don’t need or want, we buy and sell them all. No questions asked.

How We Do It

Lucas Properties LLC is the buying power behind For the past 11 years we have been offering alternatives to foreclosure by buying houses fast for cash. Quick home sales are all about the “no-hassle”, quick cash that you can get by closing in 7 days or less.

As a former realtor, I dealt with families who were buried under debt and needed to sell their house fast to save what little they had left. The stories I have heard and even witnessed were heart wrenching and yet so very much a true reflection of our economy and current state of affairs. The trouble with going to a realtor is that “Sell My House Fast” just doesn’t commute in the way the traditional real estate market works. If you have months or even years to spend trying to sell your home, sell your land or sell your rental property, then sure find a realtor to market it to the world and wait. If you need cash fast and need to sell your property now and have cash in hand in 7 days…then contacting us is your best bet.

I jumped ship on the realtor status and started helping distressed property owners the best way I knew how…with fast cash home offers, fast cash land offers and pretty much buying distressed properties with cash from my own pocket as well as with the backing of other private investors interested in making a better return on their own investments. Our market has grown and changed drastically and we are getting more properties every day.

Why Choose Us

Lucas Properties LLC has been seeped in the workings of the real estate market for many years and we have risen out of the traditional real estate mind thought and moved into a much faster paced environment of buying houses for cash, buying land for cash and buying rental properties for cold hard cash.

The biggest and best reason we give people for choosing to take a cash offer on their home or land is that it beats the time, effort and expense of selling your home or land on the traditional real estate market.

No hassle, no obligation CASH OFFER on your land, home or rental property!

Once an offer is accepted, WE CLOSE IN JUST 7 DAYS!

We buy land and homes in ANY CONDITION!

When you sell on the traditional market, you have to continue to maintain the land, are often trapped in doing repairs before a deal can be closed and most of the time, it can take over a year to sell your property with the realtor taking a commission off the top. When you sell your land fast for cash or sell your home fast for cash, you walk away in 7 days with cash in hand and a stress-free deal.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning up your property or fixing a thing.



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